She who dares, wins

Be part of the solution

It's no secret that the clothing industry is a dirty industry. When we started Hansdotter, it went without saying to do it in as sustainable a way as possible. All production has an impact on the environment. The raw material must be produced, products must be transported and there will come a time when the product will no longer be used. Our goal is to always take our impact in the environment into account and ensure that we reduce our environmental impact as much as possible at all levels.

Our focus on creating a sustainable alternative is about choosing sustainable materials, finding the right partners for production, minimizing our transports and packaging and not least, ensuring high quality and a timeless design so that the products can be used for a long time.

Sustainable materials

Since most of a garment's climate impact occurs during production, this is where we as a clothing brand can really take our responsibility and make a difference. All our garments are made of durable materials. By using recycled and other environmentally friendly materials, we drastically reduce the use of raw materials, water, and energy - and as a result we help to keep our planet as healthy and clean as possible for future generations. 

European production
All our garments are produced in Europe in carefully selected factories that share our vision of sustainable production. All our factories are environmentally certified. Production in Europe also makes it possible for us to have shorter transports, shorter lead times and we can produce smaller volumes adapted to customer requirements.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Our packaging is made of durable materials, and we keep our packaging to a minimum to prevent excess material.

Demand-based production

We design garments that are meant to last a long time. We do not make a whole new collection just because a new season has begun. Instead, we listen to our customers and produce new products when we see customers' needs and demand. In this way, we ensure that we do not produce more products than are really needed.

No middlemen

We only sell through our own channels directly to our customers. This means that we can keep a fair price level and at the same time keep stock levels and transportation to a minimum. No excess inventory is needed to fill physical stores in multiple locations and no surcharges to cover retailer margins.

Environmentally friendly transportation

We always try to find the most environmentally friendly way to transport our goods. We use rail transport to our warehouse as much as possible and we offer a selection of environmentally friendly alternatives for customer delivery.

Carbon Removal

But no matter what we do, we will still have an impact on the environment and contribute to carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

We have therefore chosen to also invest in 'cleaning up' after ourselves and contribute to actively removing CO2 from the atmosphere through cooperation with Removement AB. 1.0% of our entire sales goes in full to Removement's project to reduce CO2. Learn more about our collaboration with Removement here.