She who dares - wins

If you haven’t heard about a former alpine skier by the name of Frida Hansdotter, then it’s about time. She is not only one of the co-founders of HANSDOTTER SPORTSWEAR – she is a fantastic role model and source of inspiration. A true force of nature. 

Winning gold in her career says a lot about the power, drive and passion that lives in Frida. And it’s exactly that radiance we aim to infuse into HANSDOTTER.

Never settle for average.

As a brand we seek to inspire: to be as much a role model and source of inspiration as a sparring partner and friend: to encourage you as woman to believe in yourself and what your body is capable of achieving when putting your mind to it. Sure, it can feel tough some days, but difficult does not mean impossible. And the feeling when you have achieved what you fought for …unbeatable!


It's nice to have valid competition. It pushes you to do better.

We design our collections in materials that can withstand challenges. HANSDOTTER is all about sophisticated patterns, stylish cuts with well-thought-out details and shapes adapted to an active life. These garments are stylish, smart, and snug to wear. Our ambition is not to be a follower and look like everyone else. We aspire is to speak our own truth. And make a real difference.


Don’t add to the pile.

It's no secret that the clothing industry is a dirty industry. Since most of a garment's climate impact occurs during production this is where we as a clothing brand can take our responsibility and make a difference. For us this means working with sustainable materials, producing in Europe, and ensuring that we have as efficient production processes as possible. 

But we can also have an impact by carefully choosing method of transportation and packaging materials, producing timeless design and high-quality clothing that lasts over time, etc. We try to do everything we can to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Because we believe that you should be able to achieve your goals with a clear conscience.

To read more about how we work with sustainability, click here.